Marti Morehouse/McVey(non-registered)
Great photos!! Thank you very much for sharing. You do awesome work. Really appreciate it.
Sharon & John Cuddihy(non-registered)
Patrick, just enjoyed your pictures again, what a great trip, wonderful pictures !! I downloaded several more to enjoy and use as screen savers ..... Thanks for sharing them.
Great pics, you are fortunate to be a part of a great program! See you next trip!
Anne Sakumoto(non-registered)
Patrick successfully captures irreplaceable moments in time. As a photographer, his ability to frame those once-in-a-lifetime action shots is enviable. Although it's a "still shot," you can feel the energy, emotion and competitive spirit of the player coming through. And even if you were at the game/event, you'll see slivers of time that you would have forgotten or missed had they not been memorialized, thanks to Patrick. If you're interested in having those priceless memories captured in photos, Patrick Cuddihy is the person to contact.
Mike LaPointe(non-registered)
Thanks for the outstanding work you do on the baseball fields!
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